How to Set up NodeJS + Express Server ?

Please follow this video step by step to Set up Node + Express Server in 10 Minutes for Beginners. Github Link for Code Base: Learnings from the Tutorial. • Download and Install Node.js • Access interactive shell (REPL: read-eval-print-loop) • Executing JavaScript Files. • Creating Basic HTTP Server. • Cre...

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How does PHPMyAdmin tool work for MySQL ?

I have setup Step by Step Video Blog for understanding the PHPMyAdmin tool for MySQL. This is a Free tool for practicing MySQL for beginners as well as advanced users. The Video Covers the below topics. Download and Install Wamp Server. Setting up phpMyAdmin for MySQL. Changing Default user credentials in phpMyAdmin. Setting up MySQL DB. Exploring ...

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How to create RESTFUL Webservice using Node JS + Express JS + MySQL ?

Please follow this 15 Minute Step by Step Video Tutorial to Create the RESTful Webservice.   Database Sample Data Roles : Departments:          app.js - File Changes var mysql = require('mysql'); var connection = require("express-myconnection"); // npm install to install the dependencies // Create Sql Connection app.use(connection(mysql, ...

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Difference between AngularJS : Service v/s Factory v/s Provider ?

AngularJS : Service v/s Factory v/s Provider - Get Interview Ready in 15 Minutes The big question in AngularJS: Service vs Factory v/s Provider. What should I use?  There are tons of resources on the internet that discuss the topic. It turns out that this question still pops up every week or so on different channels, and even after reading the top ...

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Difference between AngularJS : Copy v/s Extend v/s Merge Methods ?

There are a lot of articles on the said subject, so why one more ? Most articles which are present over the internet either provide the theoretical details or some code snippets. I believe that reading code snippets will Never clear the subject, and people are often boring to create a project and make them run. I personally feel that live coding br...

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What is MongoDB and its comparison with SQL Database.

This is a crisp Introduction to Mongo DB for Beginners and its comparison (pros and cons) over SQL database. Download the Powerpoint Slide here → Exciting Tutorials in upcoming episodes in the series. Stay Updated. Happy Learning.   SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS 

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