What is a graph data structure and what are its uses?


A graph is a data structure that has nodes and vertices. The nodes are connected to each other via vertices. A graph can be a weighted graph or unweighted one. Also, it can be directed or undirected.

We will discuss the types of graphs in coming posts. 

Uses of a graph:

Graphs are used for many practical applications in computer science. Some of the examples are as below:

1)      To represent computer networks.

2)      To determine the shortest path in a problem.

3)      Used in social network sites to represent the user and their connections.

Representation of graph:

A graph can be drawn as below pictorially:

Ways of representation:

1)      Adjacency matrix.

2)      Adjacency list.

3)      Incidence matrix.

We will deep dive into the details of representation of graphs in the coming tutorials.

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