Learn Setup MongoDB on Windows and perform CRUD Operations on Collections.

Learnings from the Tutorial VLOG

  • Install and Setup MongoDB Server on Windows Machine.
  • Create a New Database.
  • Create a New Collection.
  • Insert Data into Collection.
  • Delete Data from Collection.
  • Find Data in Collection.
  • Pretty Format Data.



CRUD Operations

use kddb
db.movies.insert({ "title": "Jaws", "year": 1975, "imdb": "tt0073195" });
db.movies.insert({ "title": "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior", "year": 1981, "imdb": "tt0082694" })
db.movies.insert({ "title": "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "year": 1981, "imdb": "" })
a = { "title":"Arrested Development", "year":"2003", "imdb":"tt0082912","satellite":"FOX" }
b = { "title":"Arrested Development II", "year":"2013", "imdb":"tt00829234","satellite":"FOXII" }
db.movies.remove({"title":"Arrested Development"})


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