4 tried and tested steps to land your dream job

There can be many reasons to switch your jobs. Financial security, relocation or search for better work. Whatever the reason may be, the desire is always to get the best job available. The Dream Job. A job can be your dream job if it satisfies one or all of the reasons you are looking out for a change.
However the word dream evokes mixed feelings and reactions. Some consider a dream to be out of their reach and impractical so they give up on it. On the other hand some start working towards it with hope but think its too much of an effort with high chances of failure and eventually they give up as well. There are a select few who really make it while others contend with whatever comes their way.

Today I am going to discuss that it's really not that difficult to land the "Dream Job". It just needs a focused mind with a clear approach. We can even break this down to some specific action points for aspiring candidates.

1. I need you and you need me. Clarity in what you are looking for in a job is of utmost importance. This step is important because at the end of this you will have a clear vision about which are the companies that suit you and what do they want in a candidate. You need to identify the kind of job that'll make you happy. It'll be good for you as well as the company where you'll be working.
If it's financial security, identify which are the companies which are looking out for a profile like yours. If its relocation, then do a thorough research on companies in the location you'll be moving to. If its better work that you are looking for, you need to sit down and do some introspection as to what you are looking for. If it's a specific set of technologies, then jot them down on a piece of paper and search for companies which work with those technologies. This will take some time, probably a week at max but I never said it's going to be a walk in the park. Anyways this exercise will help in the further steps. While you are doing this, also note down specific points about the company culture and their focus areas from the company website. Having a background of the company will help you in the interviews.

2. Plan for success. If you have done the rigours of the first step, then you know what is required by the companies you are targeting. It most probably will be a set of technologies with various expertise levels. If you are already an expert in these technologies then you just need to brush up your knowledge. If you are not, no need to worry, you'll need to find some reference material. Two ways of doing this. First is get a book for this technology. I personally suggest getting a book if you have a lot of time at hand, but there lies a risk that the position may get filled by the time you are ready. Second way is smart interview preparation by finding out what exactly are the interviewer expectations for such technologies and start focusing on them first. Our site targets the second way and for anyone who is short on time, we suggest hack the preparation by quickly going through the topics of interest. All questions are answered in an interview focused way. It's good for even the experts to brush up specific topics. Even if you prefer the book, it will be good that you know what topics to cover. By the end of this step you''ll be ready to apply for this job and even crack the interviews. How to structure your profile comes next.

3. Structure your profile. Another byproduct of the step 1 was the culture, tagline and the company vision. This is really important nowadays for the companies. They look for the best fit candidate since they are spoilt for choices in most cases. Your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile should highlight the characteristics which make you a good fit for the organisation. Also the technologies you are learning should be in line with the vision.

4. Mock Interviews. The battle before the battle takes place in the mind. You need to believe that you are fully prepared for the job you are seeking and you need to run this over in your mind and play both the roles of interviewer as well as interviewee. Also include the questions like Why this company? and What makes you think you're fit for this job? etc. In some of these answers do make sure to point to your being in line with the company vision and culture. Also include a few statements about the company's growth and the way it has made a mark in the industry. Thus shows that you're well prepared and know the company very well.

If you follow these steps honestly, you'll be able to crack any interview and 99% you will be able to land this job you've been dreaming about. Let me know your comments or questions.
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