Job Enrichment Vs Job Enlargement

Job enrichment differs from job enlargement in terms of focus of depth in job and the number of tasks in a job through, sometimes, job enrichment may also contain job enlargement as shown in fig:

  1. Nature of job: The major difference between job enrichment and job enlargement lies in the nature of additions of the job. Enlargement involves a horizontal loading, or expansion, or addition of task of the same nature. Enrichment involves vertical loading of tasks and responsibility of the job holder; it improves the quality of the job of its intrinsic worth.
  1. Objective: There is a difference in objective of job enlargement and enrichment. The basic objective of enlargement is to reduce the monotony in performing certain repetitive jobs by lengthening the cycle of operations. The objective of enrichment is to make the job more lively and challenging thereby satisfying the needs of the job holder, particularly the higher-order needs which he seeks from job.
  1. Skill Requirement: Job enlargement may not necessarily require the use of additional skills which the job holder was using in performing the job before the enlargement. This is due to similarity of additional tasks. Enrichment calls for development and utilization of higher skills, initiative, and innovation on the part of the job holder in performing the job.
  1. Direction and control: Job enlargement requires direction and control from external sources, say supervisor. In fact the job holder may require more direction and control because of enlargement of his responsibility. Enrichment does not require external direction and control as these come from the job holder himself. He requires only feedback from his supervisor.