What are different annotations available in REST web services?

In Java EE 6, JAX-RS provides some annotations to aid in mapping a resource class as a web resource. Let us see some of the annotations:

  • @Path specifies the relative path for a resource class or method.
  • @GET@PUT@POST@DELETE and @HEAD specify the HTTP request type of a resource.
  • @Produces specifies the response Internet media types (used for content negotiation).
  • @Consumes specifies the accepted request Internet media types.In addition, it provides further annotations to method parameters to pull information out of the request. All the @*Param annotations take a key of some form which is used to look up the value required.
  • @PathParam binds the method parameter to a path segment.
  • @QueryParam binds the method parameter to the value of an HTTP query parameter.
  • @MatrixParam binds the method parameter to the value of an HTTP matrix parameter.
  • @HeaderParam binds the method parameter to an HTTP header value.
  • @CookieParam binds the method parameter to a cookie value.
  • @FormParam binds the method parameter to a form value.
  • @DefaultValue specifies a default value for the above bindings when the key is not found.
  • @Context returns the entire context of the object (for example @Context HttpServletRequest request).

In coming Tuturself posts we will see each annotations with an example to understand them better.

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