Guidelines to make fringe benefit programmes more Effective

  • Fringe benefit programs should be looked at as a worthwhile corporate instrument in HRM.
  • Future policy planning in this area will have to keep in view some fresh reference points. Non-unionization and skills shortage are no more relevant for policy consideration.
  • Any meaningful package of benefits must reflect some perspective planning. Inflexibility brings stagnation.
  • Separate programs directly beneficial to workers from those that are directed towards community welfare. Clubbing them together adds to their cost. This may not be liked by workers.
  • It is advisable not to have a facility rather than neglecting it in its administration.
  • Poor internal communication hurts the program in at least three ways:

             I. More money is spent for officer’s welfare

             II. Excess money spent on corporate image  building at the cost of more bonus

             III. Priority to officers children in admissions to schools. Therefore make the internal communication system effective.

  • Devise new ways to involve workers and their representatives at all levels of planning and implementation.

HR-Professionals 12 Compensation 12


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